MIFA Company Announced

Company List for MIFA 2018. This was a really hard choice for all of us on the lead staff. There are a lot of great people who are not in the original company. I hope that everyone will still want to serve on the festival committee. Thank you to everyone who auditioned, applied for crew, or both. We are sadly limited due to the traveling nature of the MIFA. Even if you are not on this list, you are still a part of the company and we look forward to you joining us for In the Heights. Congrats to all who made it in. Please join us Tuesday the 21st in the Theatre to find out your position in the company. If you don’t show up than you may be subject to removal from the company.

Alex Holt
Allie Magana
Annie Hinman
Aisha Vicens
Amarae Robinson
Ashlyn Miller
Ava Greig
Ava Hall
Blake Allen
Brendan Hart
Brooklynn Allen
Caroline Gratsch
Chloe Stark
Chris Larson
Ciana Taylor
Crystal Czarniecki
Daniel Barr
Daniel Oudin
Deven Queen
Dustin Meyer
Elena Blatt
Evan Honig
Gavin Rhodes
Gordy Gwilt
Hannah Bahorski
Hannah Parker
Huy Tran
Izzie Magyar
Jack Youngs
Jade Brock
Jasmin Nelson
Juan Mituta
Julia Gavulic
Kat Vandewater
Kaycee Adams
Kennedy Christl
Lauren Andrus
Lindsey Nutt
Mary Holt
Megan Dwelle
Miranda Miller
Miyu Hamamoto
Nathan Vagi
Nick Christy
Noah Swart
Patrick Kelley
Rachel Jones
Rachel Pastori
Rachel Pham
Ramya Anbarasu
Rebecca Piepszak
Ricky Hall
Sage Nichols
Sai Hinge
Sam Hill
Samantha Weaver
Seven Garrison
Shannon Freck
Shelby Porter
Sophie Conant
Taylor Miracle
Tess Chargo
Zach Pedigo
Zoe Williams
Zofia Wagner